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Ocean: eighty children painter for two gas model plane wear "blouse"

China as our 12th June 6 at news (special correspondent Zhou) recently, two gas model plane "Chungking" and "chongqing time" park in chongqing on culture and art center square, from ocean tai elementary school and xinhua 80 children in elementary school painter, for two gas model airplane hand-painted painting.

Ocean is the famous "township of the Chinese rural children", on the child draws the world-famous. At the scene of the hand painting, ingenuity, full of childlike innocence child painter, not only for two gas model plane put on gorgeous "blouse", but also the "ocean horse gate creek dragon" painting on the plane, makes the audience alike.

It is understood that the gas model airplane hand-painted painting activity, the department of chongqing municipal party committee propaganda bureaus and foreign affairs offices in chongqing daily newspaper group, chongqing radio and television group (desk), chongqing airlines co., LTD., is on district party committee, government and other units jointly held "I fly to chongqing, aircraft painted" series of activities, one of the foreign cultural exchange center in chongqing, ocean district party committee propaganda department, ocean area culture committee, ocean area art gallery, ocean area cultural center, from chongqing airlines co., LTD. 6 a stewardess came hand-painted painting field, painters shows for children.



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